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    Hi, I'm Anthony Law


    • I'm originally from Hong Kong but grew up in Perth, Australia.


    • Perth is a remote city in Australia with numerous landmarks and is known for its suitability for filming.
    • The city boasts a vibrant film industry, with many talented individuals working in various roles.
    • Perth offers professional film crews, skilled actors, and diverse filming locations.

    Western Australia's Natural Beauty:

    • Western Australia, where Perth is located, is home to breathtaking natural landscapes.
    • The region boasts beautiful beaches, lush forests, expansive deserts, and much more.
    • The diverse natural environment of Western Australia provides filmmakers with a wide range of options for their projects.

    Weather Conditions:

    • Perth enjoys a predominantly sunny climate, with approximately 10 months of sunshine throughout the year.
    • The favorable weather conditions contribute to the appeal of the region for both filming and outdoor activities.

  • Location Scouting | Film Crew | Production Design

    Why Western Australia have beautiful place to make your film.

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    • Western Australia, where Perth is located, offers stunning natural landscapes for filming. The diverse locations, such as beautiful beaches, lush forests, and expansive deserts, provide a captivating backdrop for any project.
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    Our film crew in Perth is known for their exceptional capabilities and expertise.

    Ensuring every frame tells a compelling story.

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    Production Design

    Our team includes skilled production designers who can create immersive and visually stunning sets to enhance your production

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